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Whoa, I have not updated this in SOME time. Lots of things have happened; I fell officially off the exercise bandwagon because of finals, then not being able to afford a gym pass and working so much with the internship. I was trying to maintain food, since I knew I couldn't exercise for six weeks. I've gained some weight, but realize it's not good food choices and lack of exercise.

Then my job shut down suddenly and I fell into a mini-depression.

Things are looking up now; we have some interesting money situations, we might be able to go to the farmer's market next week, and we're in the process of busting down the old treadmill. While there are really no group classes worth my time during this summer session, I'm hopeful that once we get rid of the treadmill, we can purchase another one and I'll start running again. I've been participating in research studies, so plan on using the compensation to buy an used treadmill. Maybe I'll finally get new sneakers, too!

I feel as though I'm finally moving out of the depressing transition. I started writing in my planner, and was going to put exercise plans in it as well, much like I used to do before my life got flipped. (I also realized I weigh as much as I did this time last August before I buckled down, so not total gains, but somewhat disconcerting.) I maybe have been eating too much ice cream, so will try to be cognizant of that. I know that the red wine-dark chocolate-sweatpants club will be starting soon, so I may have some struggles, but am trying to keep a positive attitude. If I gained weight this week, then so be it.

I can only be so awesome for so long.

There's possibility of the new treadmill and then the gym pass in the fall that I will be able to use a LOT since there's no longer full-time work involved. I have an idea of coming in the mornings, doing spin, taking too-hot showers, then spending the day doing research or something similar. It'll all shake out...

... it's good to finally have a much better attitude.
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Jazzmine Delgada
08 June 2014 @ 08:19 pm
I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I would put me still in the 222 range. I've walked more this week by default by using public transportation. It's odd; part of me misses the intense workouts I used to do, the group classes I would go to. I had a training on Saturday morning, but I am hopeful I might be able to get up and go to spin next Saturday. We'll see how the cards fall, but that's my original plan.

This morning while making our Weekend Big Breakfast, we had some friends in town that we were taking to the cruise terminal. The topic of healthy eating and weight loss came up, as it's been doing. My friend is in the process of thinking of having children and has been considering gastric bypass in order to make her body lose the weight. Her husband, whom is becoming a closer friend of mine, was talking about his own weight loss issues and previous successes, then said he was impressed with me that I've been able to manage and maintain the weight loss even while on my crazy internship schedule. We're working on developing our own relationship, so it was reassuring that he could acknowledge the effort I had been putting into my own body.

Maybe I'll just be maintaining for the next six-ish or twelve-ish weeks. If I don't significantly gain anything back, a maintenance or a loss would be awesome, especially with the lack of exercise. I'll keep an eye on my foods and continue to pack healthy alternatives. I'll continue to drink a lot of water. And I'll do all the walking needed to get to the buses and home. When I get home, I won't eat, because eating after 2200 is always a Bad Idea. If I can get up the umph, I'll try to sit on my stability ball more...

... we'll see how much more umph I can have.
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Jazzmine Delgada
03 June 2014 @ 05:27 pm
I have pretty much given up on the idea of exercise. There's no money coming in right now, so with the pass expired, there's not a facility to go to. I have added some days of walking to try and get some more exercise, get off the bus sooner, etc. etc. in order to try and get some movement in. With doing the internship, I don't see a lot of possibility to do any group classes without losing my sanity. There are some days where I know I will just need to rest.

I am still continuing with the healthy eating; I was actually proud of myself last night because when I got home at midnight after a harrowing bus adventure, I did not cook myself a plate or make a brownie. I just unloaded my lunch bag and went to bed, which was the healthier of the three options. I think by my being out so late, it's going to force me to eat dinner out, so packing an extra helping is going to be my best option. Right now, I'm updating this, then going to heat up some dinner to get me through the next several hours. I have a banana and some fruit/nut mix that I'll eat after class on my way home in case I need the calories.

Part of me is somewhat disappointed due to the minimal weight gain, but I realize that it's basically maintenance at this point due to lack of time with the scheduling. I can work in some DVDs whenever I'm home, but at this point, I leave every morning at 0645 and am not getting home until 2100-2300 depending on the night. With hour commutes and a lot of sitting, I'm trying to get off stops earlier and stand at bus stops instead of sitting.

If it wasn't so depressing at my job right now, I would probably have more umph to sit on my stability ball like I used to. I'll be working in some mile-long walks during lunch breaks, so that's something.

I'm more hopeful for the fall. While there is a LOT of things going on in the fall, there's more spots of time where I could get in an exercise class or do a DVD. I'll be busing more, but the spots of time where I'll be "stranded" somewhere will be beneficial to making down time and if available, taking an exercise class then showering. My birthday is also coming up in a few weeks, so I'm hopeful that the birthday fairy may bestow some funds upon me to purchase the gym pass in the upcoming weeks.

Still drinking water, still trying to stay away from soda and fast foods. Trying to listen to my body, as well as my wallet, when it comes to food cravings and urges. It's a work in progress. I'm up to 222ish right now, which is still 20+ pounds less than where I was last year, and that's something to be commended...

... I'm getting there.
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Jazzmine Delgada
I did get all dolled up for the spin class, then was caught in traffic so couldn't attend. It made me angry that I couldn't get to spin class, so I revolted by eating pizza with my partner. On Thursday, I was trying to do more chores and get home early; instead, it again took almost three hours to get home from work. I made spaghetti and called it a night.

I weighed myself this morning and am down to 218.6. Not the best I've done, especially considering the amount of sweets I've been eating and the lack of exercise that hasn't been happening. However, I'm down almost a pound from last week. Part of me thinks it's the amount of work I did yesterday. I was finally able to get some chores done, cleaning both bathrooms, vacuuming our neglected upstairs closet, and changing sheets, among other tasks. I'm taking advantage of the long weekend and working on getting the house in order. It would appear I'm unable to break down the treadmill; it needs Allen wrenches and probably prayer. My best idea is to borrow a truck to take it to the dump one Saturday morning in June.

We should be walking down to the farmer's market shortly, which makes me happy. A friend spent the night Friday night, then awoke Saturday morning to buy us some groceries and make us breakfast. We might be able to coast on food until we get to Philly on Friday, which would make me very happy. I'm hoping we can buy cheap-er green foods this morning along with some sausage. I've had a hankering for sausage gravy and our friend bought us healthy Bisquick, so figured we could make biscuits with sawmill gravy. I have healthier substitutions for the gravy, so it might not all be a lost, calorie-wise.

I just checked the other gym's schedules and it looks like not a lot is going to be offered tomorrow. We've been invited to my partner's best friend's house for a Memorial Day something, so am hoping we can get down there. If we need to bring something, I found a recipe for a healthier version of chocolate chip cookies.

After the farmer's market, my plan is to work downstairs: get the mail in order, sweep the hardwoods, vacuum the floors, etc. I have already noticed that my mind seems less full by the work I did yesterday, so by doing a final push today, I think I'll be able to start that internship and work and class without feeling as much anxiety. I've been considering taking off more time in August once my classes and internship are done; I don't think I did May well, so am hoping to remedy that in the future. It's a delicate balance trying to figure out how much time to take off from work to let my brain recalibrate, as well as letting my partner recalibrate to me.

I am hopeful for today, not only for the good food coming my way, but the joining with my partner to walk and reflect on where we are. This exercise thing, and this healthy eating lifestyle? I'm hopeful about it, too. I've always been determined...

... I'll find ways to sneak it all in.
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Jazzmine Delgada
Time just keeps running against me, but I am determined to not let it get the best of me. Another naked post, another flushing niacin night. We didn't go to the farmer's market, seeing as we didn't have funds anyway. I was going to attempt something yesterday, but it took 2.5 hours to get home. So instead, I said "eff it" and we got fried chicken.
· Side note on the fried chicken: My brain originally wanted KFC, but when my partner came home, he mentioned a local fried chicken/fish joint that we had been to once and had been impressed. I was trying to be stubborn on the KFC front until I went to look at their menu and realized everything looked disgusting because my brain couldn't ignore what I knew about KFC. Part of me was proud, and another part was disappointed. I can't even look at McDonald's the same anymore. Dumb knowledge, all effin up my food cravings.

Today was the day I worked late, so came home to make myself a somewhat health-ier dinner. It was boxed mac and cheese, but made with less butter, and then I added three peppers, a tomato, spices, half a can of black beans, a can of red kidney beans, and nuked two small sweet potatoes. Now I have enough for two lunches. Sure, the base wasn't the best, but I bulked it up with some veggies.

Tonight, I packed a gym bag with spin clothes. My idea is to go see my aunt tomorrow afternoon when I get out of work, then attempt a 1745 spin class. It'll be almost a month since I've done spin, but I'm hoping to jump start the exercise back on track with spin since I love it so much. My hand's not as bothered. I just really need to find the umph and exert the willpower I had when I first started all of this. I have chores I want to get done while I'm on break between semesters; I want to get this treadmill out of here so when funds become available, we can put another one up here.

I sat down today and plotted out the two summer semesters and the fall. There's no use to buying a gym pass for the first summer session. I'll be doing my internship 25 hrs/week and then working 40 hours a week. Paying $100 for a pass will literally be the dumbest financial decision I'll be making. It'll look like this:
Sunday: rest day (catch up on school), DVD?
Monday: Work 0730-1500, internship from 1600-2200
Tuesday: Work 0730-1500, class from 1850-2020 every other week (off weeks, I'd come home, do chores, and do a DVD)
Wednesday: Work 0730-1500, internship from 1600-2200
Thursday: Work 0730-1900, walk 1.1 miles with walking buddy
Friday: Work 0730-1600, internship from 1700-2200, walk 1.1 miles with walking buddy
Saturday: Internship 1300-2100
There is quite literally no time. I feel as though doing some exercise DVDs and walking more (to the farmer's market, library) will be more conducive to my wallet than signing up for a pass I can't use.

The second summer session is more promising, since I'll be drastically reducing my internship hours. Since I was locked out of classes for the first session, I doubled down on interning. ALSO, since it'll already be halfway through the semester, the price will be $50, which might be more manageable (and come from birthday money!) than the C-note up front.
Sunday: Possible to do library during the day with an evening class if they offer it
Monday: Work 0730-1500, class 1610-1850 Idea, do exercise, catch 2100 bus home
Tuesday: Work 0730-1500, class 1850-2020 Idea, do exercise, shower, then go to class Off weeks, home for chores and DVD.
Wednesday: Work 0730-1500, class 1610-1850 Idea, do exercise, catch 2100 bus home
Thursday: Work 0730-1900, walk 1.1 miles with walking buddy at work
Friday: Work 0730-1600, internship 1700-2200, walk 1.1 miles with walking buddy
Saturday: Exercise at home
I have a lot more time during the second session, so paying $50 for a gym pass when I can go up to 4 times a week seems feasible and worth the money. The other idea I have is to not buy the pass, but pay the $5 for Sunday spin boggarting off my friend's pass for the first session.

All of this needs to be looked at within the framework that I'll be taking public transportation to/from school and to/from internship, so add an hour+ on everywhere. I won't be getting home most nights until at least 2230. I plan to be doing a LOT of reading on the city bus.

They haven't released any group class schedules, and I wonder how verbose it'll be over the summer semester, or if it'll be offered at all. I also looked at my fall semester, which is OMGJAMPACKED, but should be an awesome time. Again, lots of busing:
Sunday: Library then evening spin (hopefully)
Monday: Some weeks, I'll have class from 0800-0930. On the weeks I don't, I plan on doing the early morning class (like a 0715) then showering. Every week, I'll teach from 1000-1200, catch a bus, work from 1300-1900, then bus home.
Tuesday: Work 0730-1530, class 1630-1840 Idea, do exercise, catch 2100 bus home
Wednesday: Work 0730-1530, class 1630-1840 Idea, do exercise, catch 2100 bus home
Thursday: Work 0730-1900, walk 1.1 miles with walking buddy
Friday: Work 0730-1600, walk 1.1 miles with buddy, internship from 1700-2200
Saturday: Internship 1300-2100 Idea, DVD in morning then shower OR walk 2.2 miles to and back from internship
The thing that bothers me is the idea of "You can always make time for your health." I stand by this, however, when looking at those schedules, specifically the first session, I don't see a way to wiggle in some exercise. We leave our house around 0630 every morning and I won't be home until about 2300 most nights; my main prerogative should be to go to bed. It'd be too late to exercise anyway at that point. I'll be walking more due to taking public transit; maybe I can start doing stairs or something at work. But I do not see fitting in hours of cardio when there's literally no hours to be had. Additionally, since the class I'm taking in the first session doesn't seem to have a book and there's no tests, I can't warrant going to the campus when I have literally have nothing to do in the library on Sundays, yet another reason not to buy the pass. If my spin buddy ends up getting a pass, I might be able to muster the $30 needed to go with her over the six weeks, but it'll be so far up in the air.

I really just need to take it one day at a time. Make healthy food choices. Try to get my house in order. Start drinking all four liters of water a day again. Lay off some of the coffee. I can sit and plan and be dedicated to everything else, but unfortunately, my brain power does not make me lose weight...

... I just have to be strategic with how I'm going to lose it, that's all.
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Jazzmine Delgada
17 May 2014 @ 03:58 pm
Since the flight back from Seattle, I haven't "officially" exercised. I have been trying to keep clean, but end up indulging in a brownie-in-a-cup every so often. I've noticed I've been eating something sweet every night since I've flown back. Thankfully, this hasn't caused any significant weight gain. However, it's looking as though with the final weigh-in tomorrow at 100pounds2lose I will weigh the same as I did when we first started the challenge back in March.

I had originally wanted to wake up this morning and attempt a spin class, but instead slept in really late, enjoying sleeping next to my partner and not having to study. Indeed, I did earn three As and an A-, so I'm trying to convince myself that the hard weeks/months were all worth it. I will not make the 200 by my birthday (which is roughly a month away) but I know when I take the new picture, I'll at least be 35 pounds down from the last time I took it.

This week hasn't included any official exercise, but been trying to be more active. I asked my partner why I was so sore, and he said something about "going soft" since I haven't stepped foot in a gym. While this is true, I realized that I had done the following:
· Tuesday - Walk 1.5 miles, garden for over an hour
· Wednesday - Play softball at school
· Thursday - I walked home from the bus, so maybe 0.5 miles total.
· Friday - Walked 1.1 miles with walking buddy during lunch
· Saturday - Gardened again for over an hour
So while I haven't done a group class, it's different kinds of movement, which I guess should count for something.

The gym pass is indeed expiring and they haven't yet released the new group schedule. With classes, full-time work, as well as a part-time internship, I'm unsure if paying $100 for a gym membership will be worth it, especially if I'm unable to go. I still have to break down the defunct treadmill and desperately want another one. Additionally, I was supposed to get new shoes for Valentine's Day this year, but we have continued to have more and more bills, so I'm still in the decrepit sneakers from last year. Obviously, this makes me want to NOT run or do group exercise (except for spin) because I get shin splints since I don't have proper cushioning. And where are we going to find the $100 for a gym pass or around $150 for a new treadmill?

I still have an abbreviated schedule over the next couple of weeks before the new semester starts. I also have three (I think) group classes left on the pass from Florida. I feel as though I should capitalize on the time alone and get in some exercise DVDs, maybe take the car one day and do a group class. But to be honest, I am still fatigued from this semester. It's not as though I'm opposed to exercise, but am still so damned tired. I'm hoping I get some umph back.

My biggest concern is going to be staying healthy over the next two semesters. Summer holds the internship, work, and classes. Fall holds all of this, plus I was offered a position TAing for two sections of a lab on Monday mornings. While this is going to be awesome for my CV as well as a meager paycheck, it's going to make exercising very difficult. I'm trying to figure out where I could schedule a session or something. Honestly, I really don't like running at school (or any other treadmill), which I think stems from my hearing loss. Since I'm so far from the TVs, I can't figure out what is happening during the show, so end up zoning out for 20-45 minutes, which makes me dread it. I felt more in control at home when I could watch what I wanted to, with captions if need be. The only thing that might work out is if they offer a 0715 spin class on Monday mornings; I could (in theory) go every other week when my class doesn't meet, spin, take a really hot shower, and dry out enough before I have to teach at 1000.

Not counting food, it would appear that I need at least $350 in order to do the healthy thing, just from equipment and gym passes. $100 - gym pass, $100 - new running shoes, $150 - new treadmill. Until I receive some type of tuition reimbursement (which is horribly up in the air), I cannot foresee us being able to accomplish any of that. And unless my stupid left hand stops acting up, there's no way I can put any weight on it, like push-ups. It got better once the semester was over, but I think I aggravated it this morning with the gardening.

My focus is going to be on more walking, more sun, and more vegetables. I plan for us to walk to the farmer's market tomorrow morning and get some veggies. That will be at least some movement...

... even if I can't get on my beloved spin bike for awhile.
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Jazzmine Delgada
12 May 2014 @ 11:54 am
It has been a Very Long Time since I updated this. I'm currently writing from the Seattle-Tacoma airport, boggarting some free Wi-Fi before I'm on a 5.5-hour flight. It was a long haul out here, but good to see my friend even if it was in cold and dreary circumstances. We did a lot of driving, I continued my addiction with coffee, and we bought lots of fruit.

I'm heavier than I wanted to be when I saw her, ideally trying to be down to 205 when I got out here. Instead, I'm more 215, which is still lighter than the last time she saw me. For the first time, we were able to shop in the same stores, and ended up wanting the same bra, which was offered in both of our sizes. I treated myself and bought it, a 40C, a size she's never seen me in, and am wearing it home on the plane to show my partner.

My semester is finally over, one of the main reasons I'm out here now. We're projecting three As and an A-, so clearly it was worth it, though I haven't officially exercised. I'm looking forward to some shorter days at work, since I'm not changing my schedule to just change it again in June. I can come home and work out. I'll be walking more, my hair will get lighter, and I'll have more color. And in general, I will be much healthier.

I'm not sure what summer will hold; my gym pass is expiring, but I'm also starting my internship AND continuing to work full-time. I'll DO know that when I get my new license picture, I'll be at least forty pounds lighter than when I originally got it. I've made peace with not being 200 pounds, but being 210 is still a helluva accomplishment...

... I definitely wasn't here this time last year.
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Jazzmine Delgada
12 April 2014 @ 08:23 pm
I have been hurting from my hoohah to my mid-stomach for the past two days. The tops of my thighs are sore. That damned class whooped me.

I had an event this morning in a Wegman's parking lot. I ate from their buffet and it was awesome; so many healthy options, I ended up choosing them all.

I did an activity with a coworker of mine, I guess weighted ropes? It was awesome to do, and I had no idea it would be such a cardio workout! I also grabbed the trainer and got her to teach me how to properly squat and then swing a kettlebell. I know I have the ones my partner bought me, but have never got around to using.

I have no idea what's going to happen with the weigh-in tomorrow, but my abs are still tight and hurting and it feels awesome. Hopefully, good things will come of that weigh in! I plan on studying for my exam and doing spin tomorrow...

... maybe I just need to take a couple weeks off from exercising so hard core.
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Jazzmine Delgada
10 April 2014 @ 10:41 pm
Whew, I am going to hurt tomorrow. I had talked about switching up my exercise routine frequently, glad I was finally able to get back to spin this past Sunday. FINALLY. Took me three weeks to get there, but I did, dammit, and felt like a bad ass afterward. I was really glad I did it, and kept trying to ride the exercise high for the rest of the week.

This morning, I had packed a gym bag and went to work. In truth, I felt disgusting. I knew I hadn't showered, but was going to reward myself with the hot HOT shower at Muzume. (My partner and I keep our water heater low to save energy; you can get a semi-hot shower here, enough to melt off grime, but not enough to turn the skin red and melt.) So I had packed razors and smelly hair stuff into my overstuffed bag, got onto the bus, and went to school.

I know I had talked about doing this awhile ago. We haven't been able to buy new shoes yet, nor another treadmill, but I hadn't been able to get up the gumption to go to the gym save for my spin class. I got to campus, did some homework for a spell, then got on the shuttle. The shuttle got me to the gym later than I wanted, so I only ran for 8 minutes and ended up being late-ish to the class, but huzzah, 8 minutes! I thought I was going to die at one point; it's been so long since I ran.

Still feeling yucky, I knew that my hot shower was so much closer when I got onto my back and started doing the Cx Worx class. There were a LOT of people in this class, but I set up my stuff and kept it moving, trying to do the moves as best I could. I survived! However, I continue to realize how heavy my legs really are. I couldn't do the side planks and the forward planks were problematic, but hey, I tried dammit.

I'm also at least eight years older than all of you, so lemme alone.

I finished the class, then ended up taking a hot HOT showah for something like 35 minutes. It felt AWESOME. I never thought I would miss the coffin showers from college, but with the hot HOT water and the water pressure, I could just feel the dirt and grime slide off of me. I felt pretty with clean hair, got dressed in a shirt four sizes too bigger than me, and went back to the lounge to work on a paper.

So, huzzah! I need to get back to that paper I've been working on, but I did it! Granted, I ate some Chipotle when I came home so it may have negated all I just did, but my lower abs hurt lovingly. While the campus is closed for this upcoming Thursday, I plan on doing this hopefully two more times before the semester is done. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to the gym quicker to get a decent woggle in before the class starts; I doubt eight minutes did much, but it was something, and overall, I think I burned about 300 calories total this evening...

... that's better than when I was doing nothing!
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Jazzmine Delgada
05 April 2014 @ 01:46 pm
I realized today that I haven't updated in a very long time. While I have been monitoring 100pounds2lose and commenting regularly, I realized I haven't done a damned thing over here. Seems as though life really has gotten in the way of regular updates.

It could also be the fact that I feel stunted in my weight loss journey. I weighed myself this morning: 214.0. It's a good number, the lowest I've been in awhile. I had been hovering between 216 and 219 for a long time, so it was good for me to recognize that my eating regimen was enough to maintain my weight for when I do finally stop trying to lose weight and then enter the maintenance phase. However, I realize I haven't exercised "officially" since spin three weeks ago. We were out of town one weekend and I had a paper due. The following weekend, I stayed home due to the weird snowy weather and studying for yet another exam.

I contacted my former coworker about her kickboxing class, originally thinking I could attempt this morning. With my hand acting up so violently, I was unable to take her class the times I wanted to, afraid that if I put weighted gloves on my left hand, it would cause me to scream out in agony. I sent her a message yesterday, asking if the information was still the same and she told me that it had changed and the gym was moving, so no weighted gloves for me. I had also wanted to do that lap run around the lake out by us, but with having to work some Saturday mornings, I don't think this will be on the docket either.

It's been very difficult. With the timing, the amount of schoolwork, and various spats between myself and my partner related to stress, I have not had the umph to do anything super healthy. I still have Christmas decorations that need to be put away and to dismantle our treadmill; it's not just the healthy stuff that's falling by the wayside.

The long hours are also taking their toll as I'm spending maybe an hour with my partner each day, which is not quality time as half of that is waking up and driving to work and the other half is me saying good night as I come home around midnight and he's in bed.

I've realized that this Lent has proven to be the most difficult; I am experiencing more intense food cravings that I have in the twenty-some years that I've participated in Lent. I know Easter is going to be catastrophic. I think we're just going to binge and eat really bad food for that day, then let it pass and get back on the wagon. I've been craving sweets, then Big Macs, then fries. All salty and sweet, which is so odd. I've actually been struggling. I don't know if it's because it's a combination of Lent plus stress plus healthy eating, but it's so odd to experience it now.

I've also developed a hankering for cold coffee over the past several weeks. I plan on detoxing over the break in May because this is getting to be a bit crazy. I think about it, can taste it on my tongue, carry Splenda in my lunch bag in case there's leftover coffee in the afternoon. Dude, that's addictive behavior; I've studied and lived that! At least it's coffee, but still.

My plan for today is to buckle down and get some work done. Maybe I'll pull apart my shelves, which are stairs, so that my partner can take the Christmas stuff up when he gets home. Maybe I'll do some rearranging and get some awesome work done. I need to ride this caffeine high as far as it'll take me. I know there's work to be done here...

... I just need to get the umph to do it!

(As a happy side note, last night, when we got home from work, I approached my partner for some kissing. He looked at me and said, "Your face is skinny." He then clarified he didn't know if it was the weight loss or that work was wearing me down, but hey, my face is skinny! I have noticed that my chin is more well-defined than previously, and I continue to accidentally hurt myself on these clavicles that are emerging.)
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