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12 April 2014 @ 08:23 pm
I have been hurting from my hoohah to my mid-stomach for the past two days. The tops of my thighs are sore. That damned class whooped me.

I had an event this morning in a Wegman's parking lot. I ate from their buffet and it was awesome; so many healthy options, I ended up choosing them all.

I did an activity with a coworker of mine, I guess weighted ropes? It was awesome to do, and I had no idea it would be such a cardio workout! I also grabbed the trainer and got her to teach me how to properly squat and then swing a kettlebell. I know I have the ones my partner bought me, but have never got around to using.

I have no idea what's going to happen with the weigh-in tomorrow, but my abs are still tight and hurting and it feels awesome. Hopefully, good things will come of that weigh in! I plan on studying for my exam and doing spin tomorrow...

... maybe I just need to take a couple weeks off from exercising so hard core.
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Jazzmine Delgada
10 April 2014 @ 10:41 pm
Whew, I am going to hurt tomorrow. I had talked about switching up my exercise routine frequently, glad I was finally able to get back to spin this past Sunday. FINALLY. Took me three weeks to get there, but I did, dammit, and felt like a bad ass afterward. I was really glad I did it, and kept trying to ride the exercise high for the rest of the week.

This morning, I had packed a gym bag and went to work. In truth, I felt disgusting. I knew I hadn't showered, but was going to reward myself with the hot HOT shower at Muzume. (My partner and I keep our water heater low to save energy; you can get a semi-hot shower here, enough to melt off grime, but not enough to turn the skin red and melt.) So I had packed razors and smelly hair stuff into my overstuffed bag, got onto the bus, and went to school.

I know I had talked about doing this awhile ago. We haven't been able to buy new shoes yet, nor another treadmill, but I hadn't been able to get up the gumption to go to the gym save for my spin class. I got to campus, did some homework for a spell, then got on the shuttle. The shuttle got me to the gym later than I wanted, so I only ran for 8 minutes and ended up being late-ish to the class, but huzzah, 8 minutes! I thought I was going to die at one point; it's been so long since I ran.

Still feeling yucky, I knew that my hot shower was so much closer when I got onto my back and started doing the Cx Worx class. There were a LOT of people in this class, but I set up my stuff and kept it moving, trying to do the moves as best I could. I survived! However, I continue to realize how heavy my legs really are. I couldn't do the side planks and the forward planks were problematic, but hey, I tried dammit.

I'm also at least eight years older than all of you, so lemme alone.

I finished the class, then ended up taking a hot HOT showah for something like 35 minutes. It felt AWESOME. I never thought I would miss the coffin showers from college, but with the hot HOT water and the water pressure, I could just feel the dirt and grime slide off of me. I felt pretty with clean hair, got dressed in a shirt four sizes too bigger than me, and went back to the lounge to work on a paper.

So, huzzah! I need to get back to that paper I've been working on, but I did it! Granted, I ate some Chipotle when I came home so it may have negated all I just did, but my lower abs hurt lovingly. While the campus is closed for this upcoming Thursday, I plan on doing this hopefully two more times before the semester is done. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to the gym quicker to get a decent woggle in before the class starts; I doubt eight minutes did much, but it was something, and overall, I think I burned about 300 calories total this evening...

... that's better than when I was doing nothing!
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Jazzmine Delgada
05 April 2014 @ 01:46 pm
I realized today that I haven't updated in a very long time. While I have been monitoring 100pounds2lose and commenting regularly, I realized I haven't done a damned thing over here. Seems as though life really has gotten in the way of regular updates.

It could also be the fact that I feel stunted in my weight loss journey. I weighed myself this morning: 214.0. It's a good number, the lowest I've been in awhile. I had been hovering between 216 and 219 for a long time, so it was good for me to recognize that my eating regimen was enough to maintain my weight for when I do finally stop trying to lose weight and then enter the maintenance phase. However, I realize I haven't exercised "officially" since spin three weeks ago. We were out of town one weekend and I had a paper due. The following weekend, I stayed home due to the weird snowy weather and studying for yet another exam.

I contacted my former coworker about her kickboxing class, originally thinking I could attempt this morning. With my hand acting up so violently, I was unable to take her class the times I wanted to, afraid that if I put weighted gloves on my left hand, it would cause me to scream out in agony. I sent her a message yesterday, asking if the information was still the same and she told me that it had changed and the gym was moving, so no weighted gloves for me. I had also wanted to do that lap run around the lake out by us, but with having to work some Saturday mornings, I don't think this will be on the docket either.

It's been very difficult. With the timing, the amount of schoolwork, and various spats between myself and my partner related to stress, I have not had the umph to do anything super healthy. I still have Christmas decorations that need to be put away and to dismantle our treadmill; it's not just the healthy stuff that's falling by the wayside.

The long hours are also taking their toll as I'm spending maybe an hour with my partner each day, which is not quality time as half of that is waking up and driving to work and the other half is me saying good night as I come home around midnight and he's in bed.

I've realized that this Lent has proven to be the most difficult; I am experiencing more intense food cravings that I have in the twenty-some years that I've participated in Lent. I know Easter is going to be catastrophic. I think we're just going to binge and eat really bad food for that day, then let it pass and get back on the wagon. I've been craving sweets, then Big Macs, then fries. All salty and sweet, which is so odd. I've actually been struggling. I don't know if it's because it's a combination of Lent plus stress plus healthy eating, but it's so odd to experience it now.

I've also developed a hankering for cold coffee over the past several weeks. I plan on detoxing over the break in May because this is getting to be a bit crazy. I think about it, can taste it on my tongue, carry Splenda in my lunch bag in case there's leftover coffee in the afternoon. Dude, that's addictive behavior; I've studied and lived that! At least it's coffee, but still.

My plan for today is to buckle down and get some work done. Maybe I'll pull apart my shelves, which are stairs, so that my partner can take the Christmas stuff up when he gets home. Maybe I'll do some rearranging and get some awesome work done. I need to ride this caffeine high as far as it'll take me. I know there's work to be done here...

... I just need to get the umph to do it!

(As a happy side note, last night, when we got home from work, I approached my partner for some kissing. He looked at me and said, "Your face is skinny." He then clarified he didn't know if it was the weight loss or that work was wearing me down, but hey, my face is skinny! I have noticed that my chin is more well-defined than previously, and I continue to accidentally hurt myself on these clavicles that are emerging.)
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Jazzmine Delgada
17 March 2014 @ 09:38 am
There are times when a snow delay is a wonderful thing. After my painful experience last night, I collapsed into bed. I knew we were getting snow, but really did not want to get out of bed this morning. The alert came through that we were being held out until noon, so I drove my partner to work. Since it would appear most of the city was being held out until noon, I was back home by 0815. I decided I would go ahead and do the Killer Abs video since a.) I hadn't done a DVD in awhile and b.) I really needed some ab work as I've been predominantly focused on spin.

I popped it in, completed it, showered, and am now sitting here with some water, some coffee, and a breakfast smoothie. I am so glad I can make smoothies again for the time being. Since we have fruit and spinach, it's awesome to be able to put together this concoction. Sure, it's cold, but my house is warm so I don't mind it as much as I would in my freezing office.

In my smoothie, I put:
· A frozen banana
· Big handful of baby spinach
· Tbsp of flaxseeds
· Scoop of vanilla vegan protein powder
· Enough milk to make everything move
I really don't think I've used my Magic Bullet in months since both fresh fruit and spinach have been lax in this household.

After how terrible I felt yesterday evening, I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle some schoolwork. I plan on doing about an hour and a half of work, figuring I can finalize that paper I wrote last night (which I'm not even sure it makes sense) and try to do some transcription since ideally, I'd want to turn over this tape this evening.

It's a snowy day, but my mood is considerably lifted...

... yay to a good night's sleep and half a snow day!
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Jazzmine Delgada
16 March 2014 @ 09:46 pm
Ugh. I am hurting.

After I was dropped off at the library, I checked in with my spin buddies. Neither one was coming to campus that evening. I wouldn't have been so bummed out, but I had been planning on one of them to take me home which we had set up beforehand. When she bailed, a dark cloud came over me. I didn't want to spin. I should write a paper, really. Besides, what's one missed spin class?

I called my partner, leaving him a message about the bailed friend. I still went to the gym, but my heart wasn't in spin tonight. It was RPM, which is a Les Mills spin class, and seems to be how the instructor is leaning in the classes ongoing. I still donned my too-big pants and set up my bike, but Lord, I didn't want to be there. I was disappointed in my friend and sad that I couldn't let my partner just go home and relax; he had to come back out to get me.

I spun and was so tired. I'm still tired. My body is aching. I don't know if it's because of all the loving over the past 24 hours or the fact that I haven't spun since February (school was closed the past two Sundays for Spring Break). My groin area hits where my legs meet my torso. I can't seem to stretch out. My back hurts, which I can't tell if it's from carrying a too-heavy backpack (got two of my books for research, so had to stuff them in there, too) or if I didn't set up my bike properly. I usually don't have such negative reactions to spin, so I'm going to treat it as an one-off.

I came home, made a somewhat healthy dinner, and really contemplated about getting something sweet for dessert, but decided not. I'm back at this damned computer. I think I'm going to attempt writing this paper for a bit, then shower, then try to read about lifespan so I can participate in that class properly tomorrow.

My healthy dinner consisted of:
· A zucchini
· Five mushrooms, sliced
· Onion powder
· Garlic powder
· Pepper
· Maybe a half cup of leftover brown rice
· Two eggs
· Small serving of "everything" sauce that we got from the Fresh Market
· Coconut oil to fry the zucchini, mushrooms, and heat up the rice
· Olive oil to make the fried eggs
I'm actually quite pleased with how my dinner turned out, and am realizing I totally enjoy having a fried egg on top of dinner. It's a simple, complete protein, not to mention just totally awesome when the yolk runs over the stuff in my bowl.

In any case, I'm almost glad I don't have any exercise lined up for a couple days. I am still contemplating spinning at 0715 on Thursday, but we'll really have to see if I want to get up earlier and leave my house by 0645 to get there. I keep having these great ideas, but I know eventually, I'm going to wear myself out...

... it's all about self-balance with so many commitments.
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Jazzmine Delgada
I think I'm going to have to start mixing some things up. I realize that I'm just not down for kickboxing this evening; I should be packing up and going over to get changed. Instead, I'm still sitting at this computer. Granted, I'm doing research on epilepsy, but still, not exercising.

I'm not sure if I'm hesitant because I know kickboxing will hurt me? I usually love kickboxing, but I think with the lack of new shoes, I have been getting shin splits and my feet actually hurt when I'm done with class. While I still like the idea of coming to campus on Thursday afternoons, I think I may have to hang up my kickboxing hat for awhile. I actually want to try running with my busted shoes; when I ran outside, it was fine. I didn't have any pain in my feet, knees, or shins. So I'm wondering if stomping around on a gym floor (a basketball court is the only thing I can compare it to) is just not good for my dying/dead shoes, which doesn't make sense to run on tarmac in sneakers and be okay, but I digress.

There's other options for group classes on Thursdays. I could attempt spin classes, but these seem to fill up pretty quickly, though I haven't tried the later one. I don't want to rely on spin since I do routinely go to the Sunday evening section. I'm not ready for Boot Camp yet, which I've heard is particularly rough. There is a late BodyPump class; if I can get my left hand working again, I think I might do that. I had originally planned on going to BodyPump on Tuesday nights, but have yet to go.

There is also a CxWorx class that is offered on Thursdays. It's late enough that I could theoretically run after it, or before it. I would have to re-plan how I want my Thursdays to work. Since I had been counting on kickboxing, my schedule used to look like this:
· Get to school around 1600
· Study on computers until 1800, catch shuttle to gym
· Kickboxing until about 1930
· Take bus home
The CXWorx class is offered at 1805, which is mighty earlier than I had originally planned, however, I could catch the city bus home and be there before 2100, which might be nice.

Not sure if I should attempt to run before or after? I'm not sure if my body could handle the after, actually. It might be best to sign in, then run for 25 minutes, do the class, and limp my beaten body home.

Hmmm. It makes me sad that I'm so lackadaisical about kickboxing, especially since I liked it so much. I know that I felt some type of way after going to the classes; obviously, it's taught by students. Some of the girls in the class are clearly not motivated to do kickboxing. However, I know that if I'm balking at class, I should try to find an alternative because no exercise when I could exercise is not the best excuse. Maybe I'll do a DVD tonight when I get home, but I'm so tired at this point, I might also pass out on my couch.

I can't figure out if I need better planning or if it's just this time of year with everything starting to be due. Or maybe not everything being "due" but more trying to plan to get everything completed in a relatively normal pace versus break-neck at the end of the semester. There are some things I'd like to accomplish over the next month; that real kickboxing class with gloves and also I want to try and woggle around a 2.4-mile loop around a lake close to us before it gets wicked hot. I definitely feel as though I need some variety. I'm not bored of spin yet, but will probably be by the end of this semester.

I know my office isn't as pristine as I'd like, so there's not as much room to do DVDs in there either. I really should get the motivation rocking and rolling to put away the boxed up Christmas decorations (don't judge me! I have to dismantle my bookcase in order to put that stuff in the attic!) and shimmying around the busted treadmill. We really should get rid of that, too. *looks up county policies on taking treadmills* Boo.

I'm thankful that I'm good on the healthy-eating front, which I think is a combination of lack of funds, having a lot of produce, and Lent. But I'll take it. When I weighed myself this week, I was four pounds lighter than last week. I realize that's probably not true, but hey, a decrease is a decrease. I weigh in officially on Sunday, so am hoping to get some activity in. But I might just make it bedroom activity and keep writing papers and transcribing...

... graduate school and trying to lose weight was a dumb, dumb idea of mine.
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Jazzmine Delgada
08 March 2014 @ 11:36 am
The challenge starts tomorrow at 100pounds2lose. I weighed myself yesterday morning in at 219.6. Again, the hovering thing, but I haven't done a lot to try and focus on losing weight since I was gorging due to pre-Lenten fast. I'm hoping to lose somewhat this challenge, seeing as I still want to be around 200 pounds by my birthday, which is in June.

I'm somewhat proud of us this morning. I always pack workout clothes when I come to Philly, but never actually did it. The only time I've ran outside was Shamokin, PA, ironically at my college roommate's parents' house. We're with them again, and I convinced my partner to at least walk with me. We did 2.0 miles, as I intermittently jogged along. I was particularly impressed with myself for running between two stop signs and then walking back to him.

This is progress, I know it. I also know I need new shoes, but thankfully, my feet feel okay and my knees seem to be holding up. I'm wondering if these shoes just aren't good for BodyCombat due to the force of the footstrike, and that I can still run in them when need be.

I think we're going to attempt again tomorrow morning. I want to be more active...

... I just need to keep that mindset.
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Jazzmine Delgada
04 March 2014 @ 11:12 pm
I can still taste the sugar and the chocolate. It's thick and coats my tongue like styrofoam. My belly is bloated from all the things I ate today that I won't be able to have in 53 minutes. Glasses of Pepsi, two servings of mousse cake, no fruit in sight, and way too many truffles to be recognizable.

I know why it's coming; it's Mardi Gras. I'm pretty sure I have gained five pounds since I weighed in last week between two nights of pizza, too much drinking, and too much chocolate. I've drank more soda in the past four days than I have in the past four months.

Ironically, I don't do this to myself when starting back on an eating regimen. I just get up in the morning and it comes naturally.

But today? Today was with purpose! Quick! The Pepsi! The chocolate! We can't have that for forty days, so HAVE IT NOW.

I'm glad that not only Lent is starting, but there's a new challenge becoming live at 100pounds2lose that I will be guest modding. I'm excited for the opportunity, as I'm very involved in the community in general, but to be a more active part of the challenge will keep me on track longer.

There's a chance I might be flying to Seattle close to the end of the challenge; part of me wants to see my friend 10-15 pounds lighter than when she left me.

Part of me just wants to get through this semester alive.

But I'll keep my head up tomorrow morning as I crash and bloat off this binge, and I'll go back to exercising and eating healthy because I have no other choice...

... the Lenten diet always straightens me out at this time of year.
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Jazzmine Delgada
01 March 2014 @ 07:24 pm
I'm wearing my new bra and a size L shirt. We're heading over to my friend's house for pizza and probably drinking, which I am so down for right now. I survived midterms, so am looking forward to catching up with friends and family that I haven't seen in awhile.

I woke up this morning after we had a rough night of drinking (I know I probably lost tons of weight by dancing!), donned my too-big pants, and headed down to Spin. I'm so glad I dragged myself out of bed because I felt like a badass for the rest of the day. I really enjoy the crap out of spin, and now with my hand acting up, it's one of the only exercises I can really do.

Then I came home, ate leftover pizza, and chocolate. However, I know this is only temporary. Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, so it'll be no chocolates, sweets, sodas for me, so I think I'm gorging for the next couple of days to get it all out of my system.

The Lenten diet is very effective. Though I may not participate in the faith any longer, I would seriously feel weird if I didn't participate in Lent. Every year, I cut out things from my diet. I would like to add things, but I know with my schedule it's difficult anyway; I would've already been exercising if I had the time, kthnx.

So, starting Wednesday, there'll be no sweets, no carbonation, no junk food, and no fast food (includes delivery). I'm hoping this cleans me out a bit and re-dedicates me to the 20 pound loss I wanted by June. I think I underestimated this semester and then not having proper shoes makes me not want to run at school. My partner said we should be able to buy shoes at next check, which I hope happens. My shoes will work fine for spin, but for running or group classes, my feet end up hurting for the next day. I'm unsure how they would fare during a BodyPump class, but with my hand acting up, I can't even do push-ups at this time. With the stress of midterms over, I'm hoping to calm the hell down and be able to get back on the floor.

I'm so glad midterms are over; this week seriously drained my mind and body. Thursday was a miserable day, but after eating BBQ and sleeping on the couch for many hours, I woke up Friday ready to take on the day...

... here's hoping this attitude keeps for awhile!
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Jazzmine Delgada
28 February 2014 @ 03:36 pm
I came to school today in order to do some prep work for the break, meet with my supervisor, review an exam, and get a general head start. I had originally planned on going to the 1215 spin class, but when I got to the gym, they stated they had cancelled classes due to spring break. FAIL. So I still logged in and changed, figuring I could use the treadmill.

I haven't ran since our treadmill died, and it showed. I was having severe difficulty while running. I'm unsure if it was my shoes (I tried to use another more cushy pair, but they still seemed problematic) or the fact that I haven't ran for two months. I clocked my mile in at 15:30, which is abysmal compared to the 13:10 I had been gearing for back in December.

Oddly enough, my nose started running and I was sneezing in the shower. I'm hoping I'm reacting to some type of soap I used since I was feeling pretty good until the gym experience. My plans include going to the other gym tomorrow for their spin class.

A 15:30 mile. It's like I hadn't run in a year.

I saw one of my classmates there who said I looked great and had clearly lost some weight. Last time I weighed myself was still in the 216-219 range, but I also know that Lent is coming up, which I'm looking forward to. I think not having chocolate or brownies or ice cream every night will jump start the weight loss again.

I'm irritated because of money right now, seeing as I had planned to buy us another treadmill with the tax refund. However, with how money is panning out for paying for graduate school, this may not be an option.

Ugh, grown up life is hard.

I'm hoping that my partner and I will go shopping for new shoes soon, then I can get back to running on a somewhat regular basis and get this body back in shape. It's great that I can do spin normally. However, I haven't done any Muscle Sculpt/BodyPump/Kickboxing since my left hand has been so irritated. I'm hoping now with finals done that I'll be able to calm down and have strength back in my hand again.

I can't believe I've regressed to a 15:30 mile. I know I used to do one in 22 minutes, so this is still a success, but to have come so far and then be unable to do it...

... it's disheartening to say the least.
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