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17 July 2016 @ 01:12 pm
238.2 - First Farmer's Market in two years...  
After the last entry, I did do a lot of food prep and preparing meals. I pretty much stayed on track throughout the week: finally fueling myself properly, as well as making sure I had well-balanced snacks so I would not eat a client. I also made sure to significantly up my water intake. It's been working relatively well. I also have been feeling my body becoming more active, between bus riding and walking through the office. I feel like it's slow, but steady progress.

We went out last night and ate crabs, the first time in four years. I'm surprised I actually lost two pounds with the amount of food (namely, s'mores!) I ate last night. I had been seeing 237 throughout the week, but it seems like Saturday eatings tip me over. I moved over two stones into the lost jar. It felt like a small accomplishment.

We decided to walk down to the farmer's market today, the first time we've been able to go in two years. Since the job loss, I felt somewhat depressed about the whole thing, and didn't really want to go somewhere when I couldn't afford to buy anything. My partner actually suggested we start going to the farmer's market as it was part of our routine previously, but also as something for us to do and be together, plus be somewhat active. It was nice to walk down with him, buy too many shallots, and celebrate finding bacon. I missed this part of our routine.

Ongoing, I think Sundays will alternate. Payweeks will go to the farmer's market (even if we only spent $35 between the two of us today), and the alternate weeks, we'll walk down to the library. It's putting something in place so we have something to do that moderately free, but gets us moving and doing something together.

We joked on the way down about where we eventually want to be weight-wise and if we wanted to enter into a contract. He's sitting at 236 right now. His goal is 200. I'd be happy to get to 200, but I know 180 is where I should really sit. However, we joked back and forth about making a contract. He started stating that if he wasn't 200 lbs by the time 7/17/17 rolled around, I could upgrade to a new model. Or we'd have to start assessing our quarterly reports.

I'm hopeful about this "new year," seeing as I'm thinking this new year started on my birthday. With the new job, I feel as though there's some hope on the horizon and we can start making lasting changes...

... I'll be sure to keep on keeping on.
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Stephvanillatea on July 18th, 2016 11:18 am (UTC)
when I first read this I thought you said you have gone 4 years since eating CARBS (not crabs) I was like WHA? how is that possible haha

I dont mind the idea of a contract :) It could be a fun little incentive