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21 August 2016 @ 12:42 pm
239.0 - First woggle in over a year, apparently...  
I've maintained consistency for the past week, so have lost about two pounds since starting the new job and schedule. I realized I needed to work towards adding back in exercise. When I was in grad school and doing this healthy journey, I would work full-time, go to grad school, and still work out consistently. There are definite issues signing up for another gym pass: First, it would be the money. The biggest thing, however, is the scheduling aspect. While people tote that Planet Fitness is only $10/month, I feel like I don't need a Planet Fitness. I HAVE the treadmill and weights and other workout equipment in my home. The biggest thing I miss is spin class, but with my work schedule, it seems they only offer classes at 0600 (when I'm sleeping) or 1800 (when I'm working). Getting home most nights around 2200 will not allow me to get up consistently for a 0600 class. I did find one studio that would be $70 for 10 classes, which is a good chunk of change but pretty cheap when you break it down per class. Only issue is I would only be able to go to a class on Sunday mornings at 1000. This isn't horrible, though.

I keep thinking back to when I was working and grad schooling and still finding time to work out as well as spend time with my partner. It's like I want to protect Sunday mornings because it is the ONLY morning I'm not doing something; however, I would still go to a class three years ago and be able to come home and spend time with him. It's a still a work in progress. I have a stickie on my September calendar to think about purchasing the $70 pass. I really need to go to gyms to have people yell at me, which is why it worked out great at the other gym, but not having classes in the middle of the day is what is inhibiting me. I also am still scared of my shoulder/slipped disc injury, so I think I need to focus on cardio for right now.

This past Friday, I sat down with a blank calendar and scheduled myself where I knew my time would be blocked. Then I tried to schedule an hour here or there to start implementing some time of fitness back into my life. Despite really not wanting to, I donned my walking clothes and jumped on the treadmill for 35 minutes. I was still able to run! I didn't pass out! And I noticed that while I was doing that, I began having ideas and energy about other things to move around and organize in my home.

Energy begets energy.

I still keep the walking schedule I had made three years ago to document my progress. I realized that the last time I was on the treadmill was 6/24/15. Which is ridiculous that much time has come by. I also looked at old numbers compared to today's. I woggled 1.516 miles in 35 minutes, which burned 220.9 calories. I can see previously that I would burn almost double that when I first started documenting. There's some entries where I woggled for 45 minutes and burned over 700 calories!

I'm hopeful. I feel accomplished already. And maybe this truly is the start of something again. I want to get another session in sometime this week. Maybe those numbers will go down, and maybe I won't be as tired anymore...

... but right now, I'm just going to try for another woggling session this week.
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