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21 September 2016 @ 11:51 pm
Randomly inserting more movement...  
Here's an idea. Take the bus in, drop off stuff at work, don sneakers, catch bus, then walk down after meeting. I talked about this with my partner- it's supposed to be mid-70s tomorrow and if I'll be sans three bags, it might actually be kinda nice to walk the 1.5 miles down from my third job's staff meeting to my full-time job.

This train of thought makes me wonder again. It reminds me of late 2013 when I was trying to find ways to incorporate movement into my day. I had already planned to go on a little walk around CVS to pick up cards and other things for our anniversary and his birthday, but now, it totally IS possible to walk the 1.5 miles down from the meeting. At least it'd be downhill, and heading south, it's relatively safe walking through that area of Baltimore.

Huh. Here's hoping I wake up wicked early for the early bus, drop off my stuff, grab sneakers, then head to my meeting...

... I'm really wondering if that's possible.
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