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27 November 2016 @ 11:08 pm
236.8 - More spin, better finances, and moving forward...  
I have been going to more spin classes, to the point that I will have to buy a new pass soon. One of my clients moved to monthly, so instead of trying to fill the slot, I've tried to start attending a spin class on Saturday mornings as well. In theory, I would go to spin on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and run or do some other activity during the week. Right now, it's just been the spin classes, but again, some movement is better than no movement.

I've also just spent the better half of this evening baking muffins, cutting celery and carrots, making cranberry energy balls, and preparing a slow cooker sauce for tomorrow. My kitchen is relatively clean and I've done two loads of laundry. It's helping with clearing out the mind space that continues to get a bit spinny from time to time.

I decided to use some paid leave and take a day off this week to enjoy my home alone before my partner is home for almost six weeks. I'm not too sure what I'll do, but I've been eying an evening spin class and I think I'll put other things in order. It appears as though the gusto for meal planning and food prep has returned. I really do just need to toddle around on Sundays, which gives me the time and space to do various household chores.

I've lost two pounds or so since the last time I updated my tickers, which is a move in the right direction. While I'm not sure I'll be down to 230 by the end of this year, I'm slightly amused that I lost weight this past week, even with Thanksgiving in the mix. I found myself only eating one plate at Thanksgiving, when last year, I would have gone back for seconds.

It's been a struggle with time and energy, but finances are finally seeming to settle down. We've been participating in research studies, which has brought in some much-needed money. I'm curious about backing off the studies soon in order to give my mind and body a break. We'll see if it takes.

I'm happy for the loss, but curious if I can keep the momentum moving forward. Picking up some spin classes, making smart food choices, forcing myself to do some food prep. I know last weekend I didn't want to make any snacks because nothing sounded good, and then I thusly suffered during the week because I had nothing prepared. Maybe that's what motivated me this evening to make the balls and muffins to have at least something on hand throughout this week.

I want to see how this is going to progress. I feel as though I am finally adding speed to things, and am glad I added smaller goals on during the past couple months so I can continue with the healthier habits. Between drinking more water as the smallest goal and now attempting to go to two spin classes a week, it's good to see some things finally coming to fruition...

... it really is about time for self-care to take the lead in my life.
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