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A Través de los Ojos de a Jazzmine Más Delgada

Through the Eyes of a Thinner Jazzmine

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Jazzmine Delgada
While this journal was created in December of 2004, it has been a long time coming for weight loss and healthy eating. I had chosen the Six Week Body Makeover and subsequently lost weight, but didn't understand why I was losing weight, just that I was. By the winter of 2005, I ended up gaining all of it back.

In March of 2012, I witnessed a heavy-set counselor trying to implement healthy eating behavioral modification on a client in one of my seminars. I realized that I would not be able to counsel a client if I continued to hold onto my weight. In July of the same year, I witnessed my parents' deteriorating healths and knew I did not want that for myself, my partner, nor our future children.

I started doing research in August of 2012, looking up healthy eating blogs. I don't subscribe to any conventional diet, realizing that anything can be healthy in moderation. I realized I was ignorant for 29 years about my lifestyle, the fast and cheap, the quick and heavily-processed. Starting that summer, I began a detox from the processed foods, buying whole food and learning healthier substitutions. I also learned which combinations kept me full and how to better power my body for day-to-day living.

In January of 2013, after four months of eating cleanly, I realized I needed to implement more exercise into my life in order to be stronger and healthier. This has never been a journey about fitting into a specific size or being envious of other women and what fashions they can wear. This is about strength, longevity, and how my body feels.

In short, this is my weight loss journal. I discuss food cravings, making healthier choices, new exercise plans, and even struggling with finding more clothes to fit my rapidly-shrinking body. This journal reflects the strife, the rejoicing, and the "meh" that comes with changing a lifestyle. I realize I am human, so am making better decisions is a vast leap over how I had been living my life previously. I am better informed, in better shape, and living simply better than I had been.

Beginning in June 2014, my life took a horrible spin downward. In six months, I lost my job along with suffering significant financial struggles, my best friend's mother passed after four months of into-rehab-back-out and helping to clean out a house she'd lived in for 35+ years, and a particularly strenuous semester of graduate school. I regained the 30+ pounds I had lost. I still struggled throughout 2015, working swing shift and trying to implement exercise, then ended up injuring myself in the latter third of the year. I finished graduate school and battled for my parents' healths.

I make no promises for 2016. I only hope with walking and stretching of this shoulder/nerve injury, I'll become healthier, both body and mind.

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by December 31, 2016, last update 11/27/16

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