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21 October 2016 @ 12:27 pm
Tickers, food and water intake, and pushing forward...  
I updated my tickers tonight. I realized I keep readjusting them because I'm no longer accomplishing what I want to accomplish. I need to adjust the goals. I'm hoping to be down to 230 by the end of this year with some more movement involved and healthier, more conscious decisions being made about my health.

I have not attended spin again. The first week was the free class. It was great! Totally going again. Next weekend, I was smacked down with a cold that inhibited me from breathing well. Last weekend? I have a blood blister on my lady business, as well as my cycle starting. I am so sore that sitting on an itty bitty bike seat sounded absolutely torturous. I am hoping that by THIS Sunday, my cycle will have stopped and the blister (which was lanced by my GYN, so raw blister skin in the hoo-ha, Jesus) will have healed itself enough that the concept of spin won't make me writhe in pain.

It's an exquisite pain I've been experiencing in the past week. Gah.

Since movement has been restrained, or arduous exercise, I've focused more on food this week and water intake. Made sure to drink my 48oz Nalgene bottle. Been conscious of what I've been eating and when. Listening to my body to see if I really need to eat or if it's just a habit. Am I truly hungry?

I've realized I'm not. While it may be compounded with the menstrual cycle and feeling somewhat bloated and gross, and not really hungry, my food intake appears to be considerably down. I also know that my appetite in general did not seem to recover back from the cold. I spoke with my partner about it; nothing sounds delicious. I don't have this pep to make food plans or get excited about new recipes. Nothing sounds good.

Logically, I also know that the stomach doesn't taste, so that's also comforting.

I have a new client whom has been struggling with weight loss. I shared about food science, and addiction/cravings in general. I know this stuff. I have studied this stuff.
I needed to start implementing it.

So Monday, I purposefully tried to start monitoring food intake and up my water intake. I can already feel the effects of the water: my systems are moving more regularly and I feel less tired during the afternoon.

Coffee with almond milk and splenda
Smoothie at work: frozen banana, frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder, almond milk
Lunch: Ham and bowties and peas
Snack: Pumpkin whoopie pie
At Home: Cereal in coffee cup with milk

Coffee with almond milk and splenda
Smoothie at work: frozen banana, pumpkin puree, "cinnamon," vanilla, greek yogurt (decidedly Not Good- won't do this again)
Lunch: Salad with zucchini, carrot, spinach, tomato, and homemade Dijon mustard/red wine vinaigrette
Snack: Pumpkin whoopie pie
At Home: Cereal in coffee cup with milk

Coffee (hazelnut!) with 2% milk and splenda
Spinach and bacon souffle and fruit cup (Panera)
Protein bar at work
Powerhouse salad and 1/2 cup chili with cheese (Potbelly's)
Snack: Slice of banana bread with chocolate chips and cup of coffee with milk and splenda
At Home: Pumpkin whoopie pie with cup milk

Thursday was a veritable shit show. I know I drank more water as my goal, but due to finances and food prep lacking, I had a smoothie from Potbelly's, two Whooper Jr's, a small fry, a small coke, and then two chicken wings, a handful of chips, a slice of chicken pizza, and some macaroni salad with a can of Coke. I came home last night a bit defeated.

This morning has been some coffee and a slice of toast with Nutella. I'm going in late today to flex off some time, so I'm hopeful that my mindset will be a little more groovy by the time I get there. I'm trying to get more organized house-wise, and I think that's also affecting my mental health...

... it's always going to be a work in progress.
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
Current Music: Someone's mowing outside...
Alliecherokee_kid on October 23rd, 2016 12:34 am (UTC)
Your foods sound tasty and fun! Also, I miss smoothies. I killed my old blender and haven't been able to replace it yet. I REALLY want a nice one and not a tiny small motor one because when I use it, I USE it! LOL

I do hope you're in less pain and feeling well as of now!